Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our Champ

Our little boy is so brave, so strong.  Last week we had his one-year check-up at the pediatrician's office, and--despite his little boy tears--he courageously endured an array of vaccinations and made his mama proud.

Today, then, it was time to have his blood drawn to check his iron level and for the presence of lead.  My little buddy was strong again, and although he shed lots of tears, he triumphed.  (And the little green bear he chose from the toy box sure helped to lift his spirits!)

On the ride home, little Liam fell fast asleep, clutching his new-found friend.  I gently lifted him out of the car seat and into the comfort of his crib where he slept soundly...and I missed him till he woke up!

Liam, you are loved!!!

The perfect toy bear for an Irish lad named Liam.  :)