Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Doing the Laundry

This was us this morning, the air in the living room feeling chilly with the heat still off, both of us bundled up to feel toasty.

After breakfast, Liam got right to work, sorting his clothes from the laundry basket.  He's an amazing little guy.  I don't even ask him to do these things, and he just takes the initiative and gets the job done, just like his father.

Of course, his methods of organization are a little unpredictable, but still, it was fascinating to watch.  His little face showed a concentrated effort, his precious brain thinking hard about the five different piles he was making.

And, when he was done, he decided to throw everything back in the bin and start over.  And I watched with delight how he did it all again.

I ought to harness this energy that he has and train him on how to do other household tasks!  Perhaps tomorrow I'll teach him how to clean the kitchen floor.  :)

Liam Lee, I love you SO MUCH!