Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Missing Mustard Mystery

Remind me never to give my cooking ingredients to Liam!

Last night, I was making meatloaf for dinner.  The recipe called for a teaspoon of dried ground mustard.  When Liam saw me pull the little container from the cupboard, he wanted to hold onto it so badly!  Maybe it was the bright red lid, but he pointed and cried and pointed and cried.

Loving mother that I am, I caved.  I figured that I'd get it back from him in a few minutes when I was ready for it.  In the meantime, I could chop the onions and measure out the brown sugar.

Liam held onto the little McCormick container tightly while he flipped through the pages of a board book.  I knew the lid was on securely, for I had double- and triple-checked it.

So, I continued with the recipe.  I measured out the ketchup.  I shredded the whole wheat bread.  I juiced the lemons.  I cracked an egg.  Finally, I could delay my preparations no longer.  I needed that little container of ground mustard.

I turned to Liam.  He was still happily reading his board book in the high chair, but the little McCormick container was GONE.

"Liam, Mommy needs the mustard container.  Where did you put it, darling?" I asked. 

But his sweet smiles and giggles did not point me in the correct direction.  I searched our tiny kitchen.  I looked behind the refrigerator.  I examined every nook and cranny and found it nowhere.  I even gave a suspicious stare-down to Macy who was in the kitchen with us.

Finally, I gave up.  We ate our meatloaf that night without any mustard powder, and I told the funny story to Michael.  And the little McCormick container never showed up, not even after a full kitchen clean-up later that evening.

But now 24 hours later, look at what I found in the toy box!!

Hey, at least our little guy knows how to put his favorite things away!