Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Learned Affections

Liam kissed me on the forehead three different times today, probably because he saw Michael kiss me on the forehead last night! How cute!

And when I was laying on the couch, he came up and kissed me right on an eye, which is just what I do to him on the diaper changing station!

Sometimes he comes up and kisses me on the lips without being prompted.  And he face-plants onto my belly sometimes and blows zerberts.  All of this was learned by example!

How neat that he is really paying attention to how affection is given here in this house! I love kissing him on his eyes...and that means I must be ready to receive kisses on my eyes in return!! Haha!

But tonight, instead of posting a current picture, let's look back at these two from when he was just 4 months old!  This was back when our gift of Liam's presence in our lives was only partially discovered.  Even still, he is a gift that we unwrap a bit more each day!

 I love this face so much!!!!