Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My First Statement Necklace!

Yay!  My husband said yes to a little splurge on myself.  We've decided that--so as to not affect our finances--my occasional frivolous expenditures will be funded by liquifying my personal assets, those earthly treasures I stored up when I was single.

By this I mean:  If I want something new, I've got to sell something old.  So, when I see something I want, I search the house, the attic, the basement, and the garage for things I'm willing to part with.  It might be a handbag or an accent pillow or a piece of jewelry from an exboyfriend.

Whatever it is, up onto our local Facebook yard sale group it will go, along with a picture, a price tag, and a description.

Among other things, I've sold a metal vintage bird cage, a fireplace mantle from 1910, gently used dog toys, shoes, handbags, jewelry, cloth diapers, and cozy scarves bought back in my high school days.  (Clothing, however, we give to Goodwill.)

Incredibly, the stuff I post tends to sell fast!  And a quick trip to our local Target parking lot is all I need to do to complete the transaction...and get a little spending cash.  :)

This weekend, along with Michael's parents' help, we hauled everything out of the garage, swept the floor, photographed everything I am willing to part with, and reorganized the whole layout of our storage space, along with new shelving units to keep small things easily found.

So how have I spent the recent money I've "earned"?  First, we made sure our bills were paid, including our unexpected heating repair and our surprise visit to the vet.  Then, we made sure our refrigerator was well-stocked.  With what was left, I splurged on a...STATEMENT NECKLACE!!! 

It took me WEEKS to decide on a color, shape, and style.  Usually, I prefer dainty, timeless things around my neck.  But here's to being bold and making statements!  What do you think?  Was it worth the money I spent on it?